COVID-19 Protocol



  • Ongoing education to all employees on safety and best practices as advised by DHHS. All staff have undertaken DHHS COVID-19 safe training
  • Closely monitoring symptoms of employees via temperature checks
  • Constant cleaning of kitchen surfaces with alcohol-based products
  • Frequent hand washing throughout the day at contact-free hand washing stations in kitchen and dispatch areas with alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • No outside visitors and internal staff are allowed in the food production areas


  • Maintain time and temperature controls
  • Delivery drivers/riders will sanitise all vehicles after every delivery
  • Hand sanitising products stocked on all of our bikes and vans
  • Pre-wrapped single-use utensils provided
  • Contactless deliveries available
  • Delivery drivers/riders must wear masks covering mouth and nose when required by the State Government


  • All service locations (stations, bars etc.) have hand sanitizer and additional gloves available for all employees
  • All food items can be served in individual portions in their own vessel
  • All beverage items will be served in individual portions by an employee. Any accompaniments (garnish, straw, cocktail items etc.) will be either single-use or served by the employee.
  • Airflow is maintained with air-conditioning on constant cycle and open doors


  • Records of staff shift attendance and delivery persons log are kept to ensure easy and accurate identification of attendees at specific times in line with Government requirements